Welcome fellow web dwellers, My name is Claire Hanson, I am a young mother and a happily married wife. I had my daughter Jemma when I was 19, this did create challenges in my life. For example, a lack of social life or free time. In the free time I've managed to gather, I created this little business that I get to run from the comfort of my home (MaJoR PlUs). 

I've been drawing and creating artworks ever since I could pick up a pencil. I've always been a little eccentric when it comes to my art. Many might tell you it's weird or interesting. But when I create -whatever is in my brain at that moment, is probably what will be on that canvas (physically or digitally).  

One thing I know for sure is I will never stop having that dying passion to do something with my artistic skills. I have an eye for design and I will use it to its full extent.

Everything you see available in my store is either artwork I've created or graphics I've designed. I then thought, why not use these pieces/designs and put them on clothing and digital prints? So I did and this is what I have for you. Since I am always creating, that means I will always be uploading new designs. BUT that means I only have a limited amount of space so all of my items are LIMITED TIME ONLY. So get them while you still can.

If you do decide to purchase something from me I want to thank you now for supporting a small business and your local artist (even if you are buying from across the world). I also want to thank you for supporting a family; because everything I do and make is for them and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for them.

Special thanks to my beautiful daughter Jemma and my amazing husband Alexander ♡

Any digital/traditional drawings or paintings are original. Collages are never intended copyright. All photos were taken from reuse only cites or from Pexels where photos are uploaded for creative use. I also change all photos to make them unique to my piece.

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